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Collective Weekly Reading 1/11/2021

This week as a whole, you will notice that you are confused and not seeing reality for what it truly is. It will feel as if you are in auto pilot mode just trying to get through. There’s a thick fog hovering over you and it needs to be cleared. Once this fog is cleared you will be able to see reality for what it truly is.

You may unexpectedly feel it is time to heal wounds and the time is now. You are needing to take the time to sit down and heal. Whether it be through mediation, prayer, or a quick run. Whatever feels best for you. Get yourself out in nature, preferably by water if possible. Taking time to heal will remove the fog. In turn helping you gain clarity and reality on the situations going on in your life.



An important emotion you may notice is a new beginning coming to you. Whatever this new beginning might be. Be sure to be careful on how you speak to others. As you can cut them down or you can butter them up. The choice is yours but, be careful on what and how you say things. There are boundaries that need to be placed. This is likely going to come from the healing that is taking place. That’s if you choose to try and heal yourself. The fog will finally release at this moment.

After the healing and new beginning that is coming for you, you will find yourself having more luck than usual. All of the turbulent moments you have experienced has happened for a reason. These may just be blessings in disguise. You’re being told that everything is temporary, the GOOD and the BAD. Remember this, EVERYTHING is temporary. You have just gone through some trying times and it’s time for you to come back on top! You will notice how happy you are of your accomplishments. Standing proud and being able to show off everything you have overcome.

Now is a time to give rather then take. Helping others, doing charitable work, being there for those who need you. There’s a new start coming for you. So, it’s time to wipe the slate clean and be well organized about your newest ventures. It may be small gradual improvements but, they will build a solid foundation for you in the future. Clarity is coming the fog is clearing. Be patient and you will see that your hard efforts will soon pay off.


Love and Light

Alysse Martin

Lighting The Path

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