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Raquel Gee Zodiac Box Crystal Reading

I'm seeing that you recently have walked away from something. I say this because I have the 8 of cups coming in, in the past. This wasn't something you wanted to walk away from but knew you had to for your own good. All of the cups are standing in a straight formation showing stability. Likely the situation was stable yet, it was no longer making you happy so you had to move on. Whether this be an actual physical person or place. Or spiritually leaving behind the way you're thinking or feeling. There is something you chose to walk away from. But, all for your own good!

  • Time stamp The Moon: Representing 28 days, full moon, or new moon

The next card is the Empress! She's all about self-love and treating herself like a goddess. You are being told if you don't take care of yourself first you will never live life to the your fullest potential. I always say you wont be the best wife, mom, friend, etc if you aren't filling your own cup first. With the 8 of cups coming in before the empress it looks like you are already taking these steps and working on what best suits you. Not allowing other to manipulate or force you into doing things you don't want to do. The empress pours into herself whether it be a nice bath or going to the spa. She follows her heart and does what makes her happy! Continue to take these positive self love steps in your life. If you aren't already now is the time to do so.

  • Time Stamp Heart : Valentines day or an anniversary

The worst of the worst has already taken place and the only thing you can do now is rise above the situation. I say this because the 10 of swords is the last card that came up. Whatever has happened in the past leave it in the past. You have gone through the worst that was going to happen. So now you need to make sure you don't get stuck in a place where you are asking yourself "did I make the right decision" or "should I have done this differently". Understand that everything happens for a reason and at the time that it needs to. The only thing you can do is take each negative situation learn from it and grow. From what I see you are already doing so.

Overall I see a LOT of growth coming from you. Even if you don't see it on your own. Stay confident in everything you're doing. Follow your heart and do what truly makes you happy.


The amethyst necklace make sure you wear it as much as possible or place in your pocket. It dispels negative energy and protects you from any one or anything with bad intent. The hematite builds the confidence you're needing. It will ensure that you are taking the best steps toward your future. Pink opal is going to instill the self love you need for yourself. Pink opal represents love, gentleness, and healing everything you're needing right now. Wear or keep these crystals on you. I hope you enjoyed your reading and your new crystals!

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