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Melissa Staffeldt Zodiac Box Crystal Reading

In my spread the first card I have is the 4 of swords This tells me you're in a desperate time to have a break. You have been overworked, overstimulated, and undervalued. Leaving you feeling exhausted. Anytime I get this card I tell my clients its time to get away and get yourself near water. This is the time to take yourself into nature whether it be by the beach, a waterfall, a natural creek, etc. Place your feet and or hands in the water to cleanse yourself and restore balance. This will help you feel restoration in your life and get the break you so desperately needed.

The next card I have is the 4 of pentacles. You've worked so hard for what you have and are continuing to work yourself to the point of exhaustion. This tells me its time to be much more selfish with your time and energy. In fact the universe is giving you permission to do so. Again, this card is asking for you to take a break and focus on yourself. You are so used to doing so much for others and not getting the reciprocation. This would leave anyone feeling exhausted and needing a break from the world. It's time to place some boundaries with people and get back to YOU!

The last card I have is The Tower reversed. With this being reversed it lets me know that you will have dodged a bullet on something major in your life. I believe with the advice I gave you above, this will be the reason you are getting out of the way of what's to come. When the tower is upright this means the carpet is about to be ripped out from under your feet. Leaving you falling straight on your face. Typically this card is a punch in the gut from the universe and you never saw anything coming. With it being reversed, you will dodge this situation completely or it will be less of a blow in your life. Which is the way it showed up in your reading, reversed.

Overall you need to get back to enjoying yourself. Taking a break from EVERYTHING and regaining the balance you need. You deserve a vacation and some much needed pampering. I don't want you fretting to much about the tower card. Everything is going to work out exactly the way it should at the right time.


You had two 4's come in your reading. I will type out the cliff notes that comes when two 4's appear. Take what resonates and leave what doesn't.

  • You will experience a higher level of seriousness and devotion

  • Your romantic relationship will be joyous, though this may be fleeting, be happy in the moment

  • In business, you will have the chance to work that is more fulfilling to you


The amethyst necklace is perfect for what is going on in your life right now. Amethyst is cleansing, protective and inspirational. Amethyst is going to help ground you, nurture yourself and feel comforted. Especially when wearing it! Its protective against anything evil, energy suckers, and unhealthy habits. I intuitively chose this necklace before I read your cards. With the reading I gave you it makes sense as to why I was drawn to this stone for you. I hope this has been enlightening and you enjoyed this experience.

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