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Angie Caban Zodiac Box Crystal Reading

People are paying attention to you right now and love what you're doing. I say this because the 3 of pentacles is coming in. Letting me know that you are receiving positive views from those around you. If this is at work, your boss really loves to see your ambition to keep pushing through. Even in the hardest of times. You are likely involved with people who are like minded and have the same beliefs as you. Your surrounding team, such as close friends, family, coworkers all see your vision and are wanting to help you achieve your goals. Typically I get this card when lots of networking is taking place. But, this seems to be pointing more in the direction of people believing in you and knowing you can achieve what you want.

I say this because the because the next card I have is the 7 of wands. Which tells me that whatever it is you believe in you are refusing to back down. You are fighting for your rights in your beliefs and you wont let anyone or anything talk you down. You are finding out exactly what you are made of right now. You are needing to dive deep into your inner strength and determination and face challenges for the sake of your own growth. I love this because it shows me you are beginning to believe in yourself and you aren't allowing your inner weaknesses hold you back. Your faith may be tested at the moment but, in the end there will be a huge reward.

With the last card being the Queen of Pentacles, you are placing your crown back on and taking control of everything around you. You must be patient with what's to come because I do see a reward coming to you. It just may be a while before it manifests. The Queen of Pentacles is all about stability for herself and especially her family. Take yourself seriously and make sure you are taking care of yourself. She is all about balance eating healthy, maintaining positive relationships, and doing things that you truly love. Your manifestations are very close to coming to true, just continue to believe in yourself and continue to push forward.


The amethyst heart you've received is going to protect you from any person who doesn't believe in your goals. Ridding you of any negative energy. The pink opal brings in love and gentleness with yourself. Something you are very much needing right now. Larimar which is the ring I provided for you, will bring in strong communication skills and wisdom on top of that. For those who don't believe in your visions and what you are wanting for yourself, larimar will help you express yourself perfectly. The agate gusha is an extra goodie along with the face masks. You can use this on your face or anywhere on your body to give yourself a much needed massage. The gusha will provide less swelling in your face and the face masks will leave you feeling so soft.


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